About Video Poker

With the boom of the internet a couple of decades ago, video poker made a huge impact on at-home gamers all over the world. Players should have a good video poker guide in order to play the game like pros.

Video Poker is Not Poker

While many people will read in a video poker guide either online or in print that video poker is like an automated poker game, this is not the case. Unlike casino poker, video poker deals five cards to the player. Once the player has had an opportunity to review the dealt cards, they can make a decision whether or not to return some of the cards for new ones. The entire objective is similar to poker; players must create one of several 'poker hands' in order to be paid out as a win.

Video Poker is Not Slots

Another common misconception is that video poker is a lot like slots online. Some of the concepts of the game were derived from slots, but the actual gameplay is much different. With slots, once the player pushes the 'spin' button they are finished making decisions and must rely on chance. With video poker, players are able to choose which cards to return to the shoe in order to create a winning combination.

Bluffing Will Not Work

This is one of the most obvious things anyone could put in a video poker guide, but it is still worth a mention. Players who have grown accustomed to playing table poker may rely on their bluffing skills as a factor for winning. Since video poker machines are completely automated, there are no dealers or other players to bluff. Players are essentially 'flying solo' and must rely on random number generators and luck.

Video poker games are a great escape from casino table poker and the inevitable monotony of slot machines. The video poker guide is the first thing new players should consult before inserting any coins into a machine.