Canfield Master System

"Blackjack your way to riches is the name of a book by Richard Albert Canfield. This book shows a system called the canfield master system to do well in blackjack games. However, this is not the real Canfield. The real Canfield is someone who was an operator of gambling dens in New England and then in New York City during the 1800's. His institutes we for classy people where highstakes blackjack games were played.

The Canfield who wrote the book was probably a person named John Hinton. He developed the canfield master system and tried to sell the system with the help of this book. You cannot count the Aces in the canfield master system as this is a balanced count. They tired a technique called the takeaway where the contributor decides how many will be sold and to whom. No matter how few have been sold, they can decide to withdraw from the selling offer anytime they want.

The following values are used in the canfield master system:

1. Two, three, and seven have the value of +1
2. Four, five, and six have the value of +2
3. Nine has the value of -1
4. Ten value cards (10, K, Q, J) have the value of -2
5. Ace and eight are neutral

There are no unique values in this system. Peter Griffins two level count and Bryce Carlson's omega ll betting system have the same card value.

The canfield master system developers have claimed that it works with both single and multiple deck formats, can identify adverse condition quickly, does not cause fatigue to the players, and have been tested under real casino condition prior to the publication of the book. The developers are up for a challenge from any other blackjack strategies and systems seller under the following conditions:

"Any blackjack game must be for a minimum of $500,000. No publicity may accompany any contest which has as a prize an amount from $500,000 to $2 million. Those low prices are simply not worth losing our anonymity for."